The Oxford Pilgrims

Oxford Pilgrims 11880630_10153603789990701_6602102521974783830_n
Ayyaz Malik and Tayyaba at the shrine
Oxford Pilgraims 2 11218690_10153603818955701_7300914279390765618_n
The pilgrims at the shrine

As a student of English literature I have been aware of several cultural movements that started from Oxford. One of such stirrings was the Oxford Movement. But it appears a new cultural wave is slowly and imperceptibly shaping up there. If the 19th century phenomenon was mainly theological though it brought to the Anglican tradition a quasi-mystical content of Roman Catholicism, the new one is paradoxically secular-mystical in nature. I would name its leaders Oxford Pilgrims to Marx’s Shrine, or simply The Oxford Pilgrims.

Their first pilgrimage was on Monday, 24 August 2015, when the Dervishes had a dance at the Mawlana Marx’s shrine. Unfortunately, I missed it, thanks mainly to my growing propensity to otherworldliness and partly due to my indispensible friend, Nadir Cheema’s overzealousness to incorporate me in the pilgrimage.
A slightly embarrassing moment came later when I was discovered in my digs by the Pilgrims closeted with a group of friends, comprising Hassan Imam, Saqlain Imam and Tariq Suleman.

I offer my sincerest apologies to the Pilgrims.


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