Bhutto event in London

Professor Talbot speaking at ZA Bhutto’s assassination anniversary London.L-R: Galloway, Aseefa Bhutt, Bilawal Bhutto, David Owen, Victoria Schofield.The event was organised by Ambassador Wajid Shamsul Hasan.

Owen’s and Talbot’s sppeches were remarkable exercises in diplomacy.

Bhutto event 20150404_152916

Owen praised Bhutto’s vision for laying the ground for the Mujahideen’s successful elimination of the Soviets’ aggression in Afghanistan and urged Pakistan to work with China to bring about peace there.
Talbot said that a balanced review of Wolport’s book was yet to be undertaken and implied that Bhutto’s uncritical praise or condemndation should be discarded. He questioned the populist vision of Bhutto.
Bilawal’s speech, unlike his previous utterances was balanced in expression and tone and covered the whole gambit of Bhutto’s life. Understandably, it was a eulogy.

Galloway, it appeared, was still at school and had no desire to play truant or abscond from there.

Victoria Schofield as stage secretary was superb and was able to muzzle the irrepressible Amanullah Khan and prevent him from enlightening the audience on the machinations of American imperialism since the dawn of history.

An oh, I forgot. Asif Ali Zardari’s message from Pakistan was relayed.  Despite tha,t I could not escape the feeling that the event was designed to proclaim Bilawal’s enthronment in PPP.
A small footage outlining Bhutto’s life was shown.

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